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Angela Chen


Shenqi Chen (Angela Chen) was born in and grew up in China as a member of the Hui Minority. After graduating from college as a jewelry designer she worked for a number of years in the fashion industry. In 2011 she moved to Vancouver, Canada to attend Vancouver Metal Art School, and studied European standard goldsmithing techniques with her instructor from Pforzheim, Germany.


Her designs combine influences from Chinese minorities, and other Asian cultures, with European construction design. Most of the pieces are designed not only as art objects but are also meant to be worn. A number of designs incorporate traditional Asian chasing skills with mechanical functionality to create both poetic and actual movement in her jewellery.



Public collections and Exhibitions

Aug 2018: GIA, NY, USA

May 2014:  North Shore Art Crawl, West Vancouver, Canada

Apr 2014-Oct 2014:  "30 years HRD Awards in Bruges. Diamond in all of its facets", in

cooperation with Bruges Diamond Museum, Bruges, Belgium

Apr 2014-Aug 2014:  China Road Show (in 6 different cities in China)

Dec 2013-Feb 2014:  Diamond Pavilion/Diamond Museum (MAS), Antwerp, Belgium

Sept 2013:  The Gem and Jewellery Fair, Hong Kong, China



2018: GIA Students' Choice Award

2018: MIC Contest Finalist Award 

2013: HRD Awards 2013 "Trompe L'Oeil" Competition, Antwerp, Belgium

2004: Second-class Scholarship, Xin Qiao College

2003: Third prize for Jewelry Design Contest, Xin Qiao College

2002: Single-subject Prize for Design, Xin Qiao College

Project work experience and workshop

2013 "Kitty Clutch" for 2013 HRD Awards

Description: Hand-crafted silver and 14K gold cat-shaped purse, with leather pouch.

Techniques include forging, chasing, wax carving, engraving, leather and fabric sewing, finding and machanisims design and construction.

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